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Electric Pulse Back Neck Skin Care

  • 1. Intelligent cervical massage chair double effect to relieve neck discomfort at any time care neck a variety of technical comfort massage body design pulse technology. .
  • 2. Six modes, three functions, pulse hot moxibustion, vibration, three functions combined with each other: scratch mode * simulate traditional scraping massage, repeated scraping and neck friction, promote microcirculation, soothe dizziness and massage mode, simulate Traditional massage techniques, through mechanical stimulation of the body to achieve meridian dredging and relieve muscle soreness. .
  • 3. The acupuncture model simulates traditional acupuncture points to relieve neck pain and relieve neck pressure by stimulating acupuncture points. .
  • 4. The cupping mode simulates the traditional human microcirculation regulation, promotes skin metabolism, relieves pain and muscle fatigue. .
  • 5. Hammer mode simulates traditional thumb hammering, which restores muscle elasticity by tapping and pressing, soothing stiff numb muscles. Comprehensive mode with massage patch to massage the neck, shoulders, back, waist, legs and other parts for a full massage