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3D Face-lift Device

  • Velcro, can effectively stick to the fixed, to achieve V face lift, and tight and unruly, fine workmanship and strict control
  • Soft super elastic fiber inner sewing edge, nano fiber thick thread outside sewing edge, processed by special process, pressure equalization, tear resistance, seam flatness, no damage to skin
  • Easy to use, just wear it for 30 minutes while reading, sleeping, watching TV or doing housework. It can clearly keep your chin, reduce the thickness of the chin, and reshape the contours of the face
  • Effectively tightens the face and neck skin to maximize facial wrinkles. Quickly repair facial contours, thinen your cheeks and chin, reduce double chin, improve skin relaxation, enhance skin elasticity, make your face smaller, smoother, and add a firmer facial line. Shape the perfect V-line chin
  • This facial lift slimming bandage is perfect for your female friend. It will be the best gift for women's beauty